Studies in Exodus:  An Introduction

Many people my age and older cannot help but think of Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner in The Ten Commandments when the word “Exodus” is mentioned. It was a powerful production in a day when some in Hollywood actually cared to be somewhat true to the Word of Elohim in such an endeavor. Sadly, those days have obviously passed in Tinsel Town. You say, “Who cares what Hollywood thinks anyway??” Exactly.

Exodus is never to be forgotten. A Feast Day and Appointed Times of the Father forever engrave the Exodus into not only history, but in the practice and tradition of man’s worship of His Creator. It will be remembered in the annals of human history as the mighty Elohim of the heavens reaching down and revealing Himself by performing a miraculous predestined liberation of His people held in slavery for four hundred years.

Aside from this great historical rescue, what does the Exodus tell us today? Very much indeed…  Exodus tells us of the covenant between Elohim and Israel which intended to provide a bond of lovingkindness forever, but failed due to man’s sin. We are taught the terms of this covenant, which was the Torah of the Father. Exodus tells us that our Creator lived among his people in a Tabernacle fashioned from the directions and images given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Exodus also reveals man’s rebellion against Elohim and its horrifying consequences.

However, Exodus also prefigures the salvation we have through Yeshua Messiah. It was through this remembrance of the Exodus (the Passover Feast), that we remember the graciousness and mercy that His people have in redemption through His death, resurrection, and subsequent sending of the Spirit (Breath) of the Father making a New Covenant with His people, Israel.


Patrick McGuire

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