A Study in 1 and 2 Peter

2 Peter Chapter 3

As we begin this chapter, it should be remembered in the previous two verses that Peter was just saying that it would be better for people not to have know the way of righteousness, than to have know them and turned away and rejected Torah (2 Peter 2:21-22).

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2 Peter Chapter 2

Peter says there are false prophets who arose among the people. I do not think Peter is prophesying of something new here. It is likely that he is speaking of the false teachers spoken of by Messiah (Matt. 7:15-23).

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2 Peter Chapter 1

Peter calls himself a bond-servant and apostle (missionary) of Yeshua Messiah. He tells us to whom he is writing. He is writing to those who “have received a faithfulness of the same kind as ours by the righteousness of our Elohim and and Savior, Yeshua Messiah.”

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1 Peter Chapter 5

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time

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1 Peter Chapter 3

Peter explicitly states that water baptism is NOT what saves us. It is our association with Messiah through which the Spirit (Breath of the Father) dwells within us (good conscience) that is our salvation.

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1 Peter Chapter 2

(1 Pet 2:1 NASB) Therefore, putting aside all malice and all guile and hypocrisy and envy and all slander, (1 Pet 2:2 NASB) like newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the word, that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, 1 Pet 2:2: We are to put aside all...

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Peter: an Introduction

Peter appears to address a variety of issues in his two short letters. However, his consistent mission was obvious. He is teaching the Torah and messages from the Tanakh.

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