A Study in John

John Chapter 21

John Chapter 21   John 21:       This chapter appears to be an epilogue to the book of John.  It seems to be something John added later after he had written His gospel.  It was written to further show us that the resurrected Messiah is a physical manifestation of...

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John Chapter 20

John Chapter 20 (John 20:1 NASB)  Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came^ early to the tomb, while it was^ still dark, and saw^ the stone already taken away from the tomb. John 20:1:      Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early Sunday morning before the...

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John Chapter 19

John Chapter 19     John 19:       Rome was a kingdom that believed in justice first and foremost.  They would come into a country and defeat it and take it over and promise good roads, military protection, and law and order.  The price that a people had to...

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John Chapter 18

John Chapter 18 John 18: This chapter brings us to the arrest and trial of Yeshua. John, as in most of his message, focuses on the Deity of Messiah as being a manifestation of the Father. (John 18:1 NASB) When Jesus had spoken these words, He went forth with His...

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John Chapter 17

John Chapter 17 John 17:       This chapter contains Yeshua’s prayer to His Father before He goes to His death. This prayer has three sections.  In verses 1-5 Yeshua prays for Himself.  In verse 6-19 Yeshua prays for His eleven disciples that were with Him.  In verses...

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John Chapter 16

John Chapter 16   John 16:       This chapter is a continuation of the previous chapter. (John 16:1 NASB)  “These things I have spoken to you, that you may be kept from stumbling. John 16:1:      Some of the things Yeshua told them are: 1. That they should obey...

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John Chapter 15

John Chapter 15 John 15:       The last chapter took place in the upper room.  In the last verse of the previous chapter, Arise said “Arise, let us go from here.”  So they left the upper room and were on their way to the Garden of Gethsemane. Their physical location...

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John Chapter 14

John Chapter 14 John 14:       This is one of the more familiar chapters in the Bible.  It is probably the most loving and comforting section in Scripture.  It is very often read at funerals for that purpose. This chapter is a continuation of the previous chapter. ...

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John Chapter 13

John Chapter 13 (John 13:1 NASB)  Now before the Feast of the Passover, Jesus knowing that His hour had come that He should depart out of this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end. John 13:1:      Yeshua knew His...

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John Chapter 12

John Chapter 12 John 12:       In this chapter, the time of Yeshua has come.  He is going to publicly reveal Himself as Messiah.  He is going to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey in fulfillment of prophecy.  This is the time Yeshua knew was coming. But before He makes...

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John Chapter 11

John Chapter 11 John 11:       Up to this point in Yeshua’s ministry, He has revealed Himself in an ever widening manner.  He started by turning water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana.  He then presented Himself at the Feast of the Tabernacles and at the Feast...

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John Chapter 10

John Chapter 10 John 10:       In this chapter, the Yeshua is going to give us the discourse on the Good Shepherd.  So far, we have seen Yeshua relate Himself to the us in very familiar ways that we can easily relate to.  He has compared Himself to water, bread, and...

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John Chapter 9

John Chapter 9   John 9:       Yeshua had just finished on His discourse of being the Light of the World.  He told them He was Elohim in the flesh and then hid Himself from them in order to escape because His time was not yet. This chapter is actually a...

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John Chapter 8

John Chapter 8 John 8:       This account of the woman at the well is not in any of the ancient manuscripts.  It should not be included in any doctrinal concepts or teaching.  While many Christian teachers try to teach on this false account, they are wasting their...

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John Chapter 7

John Chapter 7 John 7:       This chapter contains more conflict with the Pharisees and more rebellion from those close to Yeshua.   That seemed to be the order of the day.  The religious people tried to refute Yeshua.  Those who did follow Him were trying to tell Him...

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John Chapter 6

This is the same question that people want to know. The problem is that they will not listen to the plain answers in the word of Elohim.

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John Chapter 5

Yeshua is making the claim that He can do the things the Father does. This is another verse to be used to demonstrate that Yeshua is Elohim in the flesh.

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John Chapter 4

Yeshua tells her that true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. That means they will tremble at His Words, instead of ignoring them (Isaiah 66:1-2).

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John Chapter 3

Yeshua says that he who practices the Truth comes to the light. What Truth us to be practiced? It is His Torah.

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John Chapter 2

Yeshua was not a sweet little anemic pushover like we often see in Christian art. He was a rough man, not the blue-eyed, long haired, hippie we see in Christian paintings. The artists don’t seem to know who He really was when they paint His pictures.

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John Chapter 1

John was apparently told by Elohim to go forth and baptize people with water. When John comes across One who has the Spirit descend upon Him and remaining on Him, he will know that this is the One who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit in when the Spirit (or Breath) of Elohim is inside an individual and the heart of that person turns toward Elohim and His Torah,. It is the baptism of the Holy Spirit that cleanses one of sin and makes them a part of the New Covenant (Titus 3:5-6, 1 Cor. 12:13, Acts 11:15-16).

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John: An Introduction

The book of John is different from the other three (synoptic) Gospels that were written.  Of the eight miracles recorded in this book, six are unique, (among the Gospels) to John.  Also unique to the book of John is the Discourse in the Upper Room (chapters 14-17). ...

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