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Which of the ‘613’ Commandments should we observe?

Ask the Rabbi: I enjoyed reading some of your teachings for the first time tonight (3/8/14). There is a lot of “meat” in these teachings to chew on. I was wondering, though, if you have a list of Yahweh’s commandments that a believer should...

What do you believe about the deity of Yeshua?

Ask the Rabbi: Shalom, I can totally agree with your belief statement, but it is not clear for me – what do you believe about Yeshua’s deity… In my messianic congregation – I recently found out – it’s a must, otherwise I’m out with a heresy sticker. I’m asking...

Is the ‘law’ more than just the Ten Commandments?

Ask the Rabbi: I am having an ongoing discussion with my Pastor – He understands the Torah as only the ten commandments and I believe the Torah is the first five books of the Tanak… How can I explain to him that the ‘law’ is more than just the ten commandments?...

Faith vs. Faithfulness

  Pat, Christianity places most of their focus on the “New Testament” for teaching and proving that they belong to that part of the chosen few. “Faith” is an idea or concept sometimes used by Christianity for explaining questions that they do not readily...

New or Renewed Covenant

Pat, Recently while studying I read from a book that the word “new” as used in “The New Covenant” should actually be translated as “renewed” instead of “new”. The resource said that it should be “The Renewed Covenant” instead of “The New Covenant.” Using renewed...

Has the Old Testament been thrown away?

Ask the Rabbi: Has the Old Testament been thrown away? Patrick, Would you share your teaching notes on Colossians 2 and especially verses 13-15.  Went to Texas last weekend and connected with an Air Force buddy that claims that this is...


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