Messianic Misconception Mania

Brit Chadashah – New Covenant or Renewed Covenant

Pat, Recently while studying I read from a book that the word “new” as used in “The New Covenant” should actually be translated as “renewed” instead of “new”. The resource said that it should be “The Renewed Covenant” instead of “The New Covenant.” Using renewed...

Tetrad Moons

Nope. How can we be so sure? First of all, the charlatan John Hagee “borrowed” the information on the moon tetrads from some poor schmuck and is now making big money off it: [button...

Yeshus Vs. Yahshua

We understand that this is something that is classified as a “minor issue.”  However, we put this article on our website because it has been our experience that those who insist on the fake names of “Yahshua” or “Yahushua” are exhibiting a symptom of slightly deeper...

The Myth of the Wednesday Crucifixion

There are innumerable arguments and claims by Messianics that Christians are wrong for claiming that Messiah was crucified on a Friday when He was actually crucified on a Wednesday.  Unfortunately, proponents of the Wednesday crucifixion presupposition have only given...


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