Schedule of Upcoming Fall Feast Days

May 28, 2017Blog

The fall Feast Days are upon us!!!

The autumn months are upon us – which means we are obliged to gather, relax, and observe those things which are to be written on our hearts by Elohim. How wonderful of a Father we have — one who would know how much we would busy ourselves with life that he has to require us to take time out to reflect upon, appreciate, and enjoy the blessings around us.

Remember… all Feast Days start at sunset the day before.

Feast of Trumpets - Friday, September 22nd

We will assemble Friday night at 7:00 pm to celebrate the start of the Feast of Trumpets.

For those interested in participating in taval (baptism), check with the Shul for the date, place and time.

At Beit Yeshua we think it’s important to be accurate when celebrating the Feast Days and not rely on man’s pagan calendar for convergence or NO moon.

Which one is right?

Yom Kippur – Sunday, October 1st

This is a High Sabbath and an assembly is required.

No work should be done. 🙂

Sukkot - Friday, October 6th, Friday, October 13th

First day is Friday, October 6th and the Last day is Friday, October 13th.

Both of these days are Feast Days and require an assembly.

Remember – No work should be done on these Feast Days.

See everyone at the shul tonight (Friday evenings at 7:00 pm) or join us LIVE right here on the site!!


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