Genesis Chapter 26

The descendants of Abraham and Issac are going to be regathered in the land of Israel. They will be called “sons of the living Elohim” (Hosea 1:11). We have the honor of being a part of Israel by being adopted sons of Elohim through the faithfulness of the Father (Romans 8:15-17). We too, will be brought in to the land of promise.

Genesis Chapter 21

Elohim visited Sarah and made her fertile. A full 25 years had passed since Elohim first promised prosperity to Abraham. It was a year after Elohim last visited Abraham and Sarah and she bore a son just as promised. This is the first recorded instance of circumcision on the eighth day.

Genesis Chapter 20

braham tells Abimelech’s men that Sarah is his sister. It would appear that Abraham’s life would have been in danger again had he said otherwise. The fact that they had no children gave this claim much credence.

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