Proverbs Chapter 6

Proverbs 6:       This chapter in Proverbs has very practical advice concerning worldly situations.  Proverbs is very practical in terms of work, business, financial situations and relationships as well as in spiritual advice. (Prov 6:1 NASB)  My son, if you have...

Leviticus Chapter 20

This chapter deals with the death penalty. This is a penalty that was instituted by Elohim for breaking many of His commandments. Elohim instituted this law for good reason. Adequate punishment of crime is for the moral good of the people. Justice and righteousness demands punishment.

Luke Chapter 18

Yeshua just told them in the previous chapter about His return in judgement and that things will be very difficult. He says they are to pray and not lose heart. He tells them this parable concerning their heavenly Father and His provisions for them.

2 Peter Chapter 2

These are men who blaspheme where they have no knowledge. They will be destroyed like wild animals. They have eyes full of adultery and never cease from sin. Keep in mind that adultery is the equivalent of idolatry in Scripture.

Exodus Chapter 20

When we are delivered out of the slavery of sin, we are no longer to to act as if we are still in that bondage. We are to walk according to Torah in the newness of life.

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