Luke Chapter 2

While Yeshua was respectfully listening to the teachers, He was amazing them with His understanding and with His answers. He was Truly the Word of Elohim that became flesh and dwelt among us.

Genesis Chapter 48

This is the first reference to illness in Scripture. We are not told how much time passed, but it was years. The individual blessings of Israel on his children and the two children of Joseph have significance for the historical development and have prophetic implications also.

Genesis Chapter 35

Elohim is calling Jacob back to Bethel where He wrestled with him all night. It is also where Elohim confirmed the Abrahamic covenant with Jacob. This chapter involves a re-commitment of Jacob and his family to serve Elohim.

Matthew Chapter 2

Bethlehem means “house of bread.” It was prophesied as the birthplace of Messiah and it was also the place where Rachel was buried (Gen 35:19).

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