Romans Chapter 10

Israel of the flesh had a zeal for Elohim. But that zeal is misplaced. That zeal is pointed in the wrong direction. They wanted Elohim to award them righteousness on their own terms instead of on His terms. They did not subject themselves to the righteousness of Elohim which is forever (Isa. 51:6-8). Israel ignored Elohim’s righteousness and tried to substitute their own rules, regulations, and dogma.

Romans Chapter 3

Being a Jew has no value in and of itself. The heart must be right with Elohim. The prophet Isaiah spoke the Words of Elohim concerning the people of Israel who merely go through the motions (Isa. 1:11-15). But Paul is going to answer the question: What is the advantage of being a Jew? There is no salvation in being a member of a particular group or race, even in being a Jew. But there are some benefits and a great history with the Father.

Romans Chapter 2

Elohim takes HIS time in judgement. He is long-suffering. We need to understand that this trait of long-suffering is what saved you and saved me. If Elohim doesn’t judge others quick enough to suit us, we should be thankful He doesn’t judge you or me quick enough to satisfy someone else.

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