Colossians: An Introduction

Paul describes Torah as “holy,” “righteous,” “good,” and “spiritual” in Romans chapter 7. He is hardly schizophrenic. Although Christian doctrine paints him to be as such, or at least confused. You will find our investigation of that passage at least interesting, if not eye-opening.

Exodus Chapter 18

Exo 18:23: In Acts 6:1-6, the Apostles have issues in the assembly (ekklesia) that needed attention, but the Apostles did not have the time to deal with them. So they used the model described here in Torah as a solution. They appointed men to handle the smaller matters so the Apostles could deal with their duties to Elohim.

Romans Chapter 14

Paul is only addressing disputable issues, gray areas, or people’s opinions. He makes that abundantly clear in his first verse. Even a man like J. Vernon McGee agrees that this chapter is about things that are up for dispute and that are doubtful. Paul tells the people to accept those who are weak in faithfulness. But don’t accept them merely to pass judgment upon their opinions. Paul spends some time addressing the opinions of those weak in faithfulness.

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