#24: The Final Judgment

Revelation chapter 20 speaks of the first resurrection and the second resurrection.  What does this mean?  Who is Gog and Magog?  Why is Satan let loose from his prison?  Where is his prison?  Has he already been let loose?  If so, when did this happen? We won’t find...

John Chapter 5

Yeshua is making the claim that He can do the things the Father does. This is another verse to be used to demonstrate that Yeshua is Elohim in the flesh.

Romans Chapter 2

Elohim takes HIS time in judgement. He is long-suffering. We need to understand that this trait of long-suffering is what saved you and saved me. If Elohim doesn’t judge others quick enough to suit us, we should be thankful He doesn’t judge you or me quick enough to satisfy someone else.

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