Genesis Chapter 33

Jacob had earlier arranged for his entourage to go to Esau in groups in order to affect an escape strategy. But since he has wrestled with Elohim the previous night, he knew he had nothing to fear. He is arranging his family and servants according to mothers and children.

Genesis Chapter 31

Elohim told Jacob to leave and go back to the land of his fathers. This is where Elohim wants him. Elohim probably used the jealousy and suspicion of Laban to work His plan. He told his wives that they must leave because “Your dad has that look in his eye…” He is now going to lay out his case to his wives as to why they should leave.

Genesis Chapter 29

Laban was actually the grandson of Nahor. Bethuel was his father. However, this is common usage in Hebrew tradition. This also explains the supposed “gaps” in genealogies when doing comparisons. Grandfathers and great-grandfathers were often referred to as “fathers” in Scripture. Yeshua is often referred to as “son of David” although many generations separated them.

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