Leviticus Chapter 13

We now come to the appetizing chapter of “running sores and leprosy.” This chapter discusses a skin affliction that is termed “leprosy,” but leprosy as we know it today (Hansen’s Disease) does not at all fit the description given here.

Luke Chapter 5

The multitudes were pressing Him because they wanted to hear the Word of Elohim. The wording of this is very interesting. How did they know that His Word was the Word of Elohim?

Matthew Chapter 8

This man took a great chance in coming up to Yeshua because lepers are to stay away the people and signal to them when he was around (Lev. 13:45-46). But this man apparently kept himself covered up and came up to Yeshua without them knowing he was a leper. It is likely that Yeshua made sure that He came near the dwelling of this leper when He came down from the mountain. This man demonstrated faithfulness that Yeshua was Messiah. He said that He knew Yeshua could make him clean.

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