Exodus Chapter 16

Exo 16:10: The glory of Elohim appeared in a cloud. This was probably a luminous presence within the cloud. This presence of Elohim was to affirm the words of Moses and Aaron to the people.
This is the same way that Elohim appeared at the transfiguration of Yeshua (Matt. 17:5).

John Chapter 6

This is the same question that people want to know. The problem is that they will not listen to the plain answers in the word of Elohim.

Matthew Chapter 14

Herod was paranoid concerning the death of John the Baptist. Herod thought that this Yeshua was John the Baptist back from the dead. Possibly he felt that John was coming back from the dead to get him. We now have a historic interlude while Matthew catches us up on what exactly happened to John and why.

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