Leviticus Chapter 23

This chapter covers the seven appointed times that were to be celebrated by Elohim’s people. These are all times of great joy and celebration, except for the Day of Atonement. The six others are a time of rejoicing.

Luke Chapter 22

There are some logistical problems in sorting through the different Gospel accounts of the timing of these events. These problems are easily solved because the problems occur through translational nuances.

John Chapter 2

Yeshua was not a sweet little anemic pushover like we often see in Christian art. He was a rough man, not the blue-eyed, long haired, hippie we see in Christian paintings. The artists don’t seem to know who He really was when they paint His pictures.

Matthew Chapter 26

Now, if we have this timing correct, this is on a Tuesday and Passover is on Thursday in 32 AD… Some people claim that Yeshua was crucified on a Friday, but that is not possible. We are told in John 11:54 to John 12:1 that Yeshua traveled from Bethany to Jerusalem six days previous. That means He would have walked at least 15 miles as the crow flies on that day. It was probably closer to 25 miles or more since waterways had to be crossed. If Yeshua were crucified on a Friday, six days previous would have been on the Sabbath Day. He probably would not have traveled that far on the Sabbath. Paul sometimes made it a point not to travel on the Sabbath. Yeshua would have done the same unless it was absolutely necessary.

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