Genesis Chapter 34

Shechem loved Dinah and spoke tenderly to her. The thought of violent rape does not fit very well. The biggest problem with this union is that it’s not allowed according to Torah. Jacob should not have set up his home so close to the pagan city. He exposed his family to evil that otherwise could have been avoided.

Genesis Chapter 33

Jacob had earlier arranged for his entourage to go to Esau in groups in order to affect an escape strategy. But since he has wrestled with Elohim the previous night, he knew he had nothing to fear. He is arranging his family and servants according to mothers and children.

Genesis Chapter 12

Abram departed as Elohim instructed him. It is interesting that Lot appears to be voluntarily participating in this huge step of faithfulness also. Abram was not a young man when he did this. He was 75 years old. We are not told how old Lot is at this time. The journey that Abram is going to take is at least 1500 miles

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