Proverbs Chapter 2

(Prov 2:1 NASB)  My son, if you will receive my sayings, And treasure my commandments within you, Prov 2:1:      The heavenly Father is personified here as the father of the son.  A father is to teach His son the Torah (Deut 11:18-21, Psalm 119:9-12, Deut 6:20-25, Eph...

Matthew Chapter 12

Yeshua and His disciples were walking through the grain fields on the Sabbath and they were hungry. They plucked heads of grain and ate them. It is perfectly lawful to do so (Deut. 23:24-25). We are told in Luke’s account that they were rubbing them with their hands in order to remove the chaff from the grain (Luke 6:1). The Pharisees apparently interpreted this to be the equivalent of threshing and winnowing the grain, which is ridiculous.

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