Matthew Chapter 21

The multitudes heard of the miracles performed by Yeshua and were desiring to honor Him as Messiah. It would appear that the use of the branches might indicate that they are offering Him as a “wave offering” to Yahweh (Num. 8:11-13). Yeshua is presented as the Lamb of Elohim and is honored in a similar way after His return (Rev. 7:9-10).

Matthew Chapter 20

Yeshua uses a parable to illustrate this Truth. In the parable, the landowner is Yeshua, or the Father. This is consistent with the parables told in chapter 13. The vineyard is Israel (Isaiah 5:1-6). The workers in the vineyard are those who sacrificed themselves to be followers of Messiah obedient to His Father’s Word. Those in Israel agreed to follow Him and they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven after the regeneration. This agreement they made is the Covenant they have with the Father (Exodus 19:5-8). The payment they agreed to receive is their apportionment in the land. Each man is to get an equal portion of the Land (Ezek. 47:13-14).

Matthew Chapter 9

Yeshua left the Gadarenes and crossed the sea once again and came into Nazareth, which is the city where He was raised.
Some local believers brought a man who was paralyzed to Him for healing. The method of healing is one where Yeshua provides “forgiveness.” This forgiveness heals the man. This is a basic fact from the Tanakh (Psalm 32:1-5). It is His righteousness that brings health and healing (Prov. 3:1-8, 4:20-22). This man is being made righteous in the eyes of Elohim, therefore he may live. This whole principle is based in Torah (Lev. 18:5).

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