Overcoming the Paradigms of Prophecy – Volume 2 Episode 2
Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly

The examination of the four beasts of the last days continues. Echoes from the little horn still ring out in the Middle East today. However, his boasting will someday come to an end.

We will see that these four beasts are not just spoken of in Daniel, but in Hosea and the Revelation also. This study will then delve into a detailed look at Revelation 13 and the power of the fourth beast with ten horns that is like a leopard that has feet like a bear, and a mouth like a lion.

He gets his power from the dragon (Satan).

Scriptural references: Dan.7:22-28, Rev. 13:1-2, Hosea 13:6-9, Isa. 60:11-16, Dan. 12:4…..

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