Overcoming the Paradigms of Prophecy – Volume 6 Episode 1
Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly

Revelation 14 picks up where chapter 13 left off. Chapter 13 spoke of The Beast, the Mark of the Beast, the Image of the Beast and all those that worship the Beast. Following those things in Revelation 14, the earth is “reaped” twice. It appears to be a reaping of the righteous and then a reaping of the wicked.

Chapter 14 in Revelation is probably where we get the stereotypical “Grim Reaper” He is pictured as a skeleton dressed in a hooded robe with a sickle in his boney hand. However, the “reapers” in this chapter appear at the time of the return of Messiah Yeshua.

This chapter is fairly straightforward, but the intrigue is in the details! Let us know what you think!

Scripture References: Rev. 14::1-20, Psalm 149:1-9, Num. 31:3-6, Ex. 19:10-15, 1 Cor. 15:20-23, Romans 8:23, Ezek. 37:9-10…

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