Overcoming the Paradigms of Prophecy – Volume 5 Episode 1
Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly

The return of Messiah? We aren’t even halfway through the Revelation and you say that Messiah is returning already? Yes, I am!

Keep in mind that Revelation is not a linear writing. It tells of the rise and fall of various empires from the time of John to the return of Messiah. We just completed the trumpets which tell us of the Roman Empire and now it describes His return in chapter 10. (Notice that nothing is mentioned of the Roman Empire after WWII until Messiah returns).

Messiah is described as an angel (messenger) returning to reclaim His land and His people with a “little book” in His hand. It is the same book with the seals that He broke open earlier in Revelation.

Why did eating the book make his stomach bitter? Apparently it has to do with the size of the “little” book. With the evidence presented up to this point, watch and see if you don’t agree!

Scripture References: Revelation 10:1-11:2, 1:14-16, Gen. 9:16-17, Rev. 5:1, Matt. 28:18, Isa. 31:4, Jer. 25:30, Ex. 19:16-19, Job 37:2, 40:9…

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