Overcoming the Paradigms of Prophecy – Volume 3 Episode 1
Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly

This video starts a verse by verse analysis and study of the Revelation starting in chapter 4. All verses in Revelation chapters 4-22 are examined. Nothing is ignored or neglected. With that being the case, this is the first of 21 videos on the subject.
This is a wholly unique and distinct study on Revelation. The answers to the great symbolism used in this prophecy are all found in the Tanakh (the Old Testament). Hundreds and hundreds of Scriptures unlock the meanings behind the previously enigmatic messages in Revelation. The result is the unveiling of prewritten world history from the time of John to the return of Yeshua Messiah.

Come join us on a meticulous journey that can be arduous, but is greatly rewarding. Everyone who has been through this series has had their viewpoints on prophecy altered forever.

We start by analyzing the scene in heaven in chapter four.

Scriptural references: Rev. 4:1-11, John 16:13, Psalm 110:1, Ex. 18:12-23, 39:27-31, Isa. 11:1-5, Ezek. 1:5-10…..

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