Wow!  This is IT, folks!  If you have watched the other 26 videos up to this point, you should have a strong grasp on the message of the Revelation given to John.  By the end of this video, you will have looked at some 3300 verses in Scripture that have helped unlock the symbolism of this beautiful writing.

While we may do another few videos on prophecy, we end them for now by analyzing this last section in Revelation.

What is the “Tree of Life?”  It’s not as mysterious as you might think!  Watch and find out!

By now, you should be able to see exactly why John was told that the “faithful and true” words in Revelation “must shortly take place!”  They started shortly after he wrote it and will shortly be fulfilled!

May Elohim greatly bless you!

Scripture References: Rev. 22:3-21, Psalm 1:1-4, Matt. 24:35, Prov. 11:28, Isa. 64:6, Jer. 17:7-8, Ezek. 47:12, Deut. 27:26, Jer. 11:3-5, Psalm 119:21…

Overcoming the Paradigms of Prophecy – Volume 9 Episode 3
Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly

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