Overcoming the Paradigms of Prophecy – Volume 5 Episode 3
Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly

People have focused on the two witnesses of Revelation 11 while skipping over this important chapter concerning the Woman and the Dragon. The identities of the “Woman” and the “Dragon” in Revelation 12 are very clear. The Woman is dressed in the sun, moon, and stars. The book of Genesis plainly tells us that this is Israel, who gave birth to Messiah (Rev. 12:4).

The Dragon is even easier. Revelation itself tells us that he is Satan (Rev. 12:9). It’s all so simple! Or is it?

The Dragon and Michael have a war in heaven? The Dragon is thrown down to the earth? What does this mean? Like much of Revelation, has this already happened? If it has happened and the Dragon is making war with the offspring of the Woman, where is “the Dragon” now? (Think 9-11!)

The answers are in the chronology. Watch and see!

Scripture References: Rev. 12:1-17, Gen. 37:9-10, Romans 9:4-5, Isa. 66:7-9, Matt. 2:16-18, Job 1:6-12, Ex. 19:4, Matt. 24:15-22…

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