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Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly proudly presents Justin Minor, best selling author on Amazon. Justin has written three books that introduce people to their walk in Torah.

Just As He Walked

Speaking of Messiah, John tells us that "Whoever says that they abide in Him, ought himself also to walk just as He walked". This book takes a deep look into the life of Messiah...into the way that He walked while He lived among us. The conclusion reached is one that you might find surprising. His life is dutifully documented as one of strict obedience to the law of the Father. Thus, by John's words we must also walk in obedience to the law. This book indeed challenges many of the core-beliefs of modern Christianity, but it does so from a strictly scriptural perspective. The author uses scripture alone to make his case. This book is for those that have seen and questioned the many theological discrepancies of the modern day church.

by Justin Minor

11 Questions You Should Ask Your Pastor Today

This book calls into question many of the facets of modern Christian understanding. It scripturally challenges the roots of the holidays, rituals and doctrines of the church. Through historical documents, and more importantly, scripture itself, this work exposes the many falsities and pagan practices of modern Christianity. This book is a call to return to the truth of scripture, and a scripturally based warning to spurn the traditions of men in favor of the commandments of the Creator.

by Justin Minor


In this study of the Fathers Revelation to John, the author takes a deep and insightful look at the prophecy of wormwood. Using the Torah of the Father to identify and define exactly what wormwood is, the author concludes that the prophecy of wormwood specifically represents idolatry. This book then factually, historically and directly ties wormwood to the pagan and idolatrous influences within modern Christianity. Topics covered include the true names, pagan holidays, the apostle Paul and Yeshua’s Torah obedience as well as YHWE’s appointed times. The author allows scripture to speak for and define itself. Many historical references are used as well. Fourth Edition.

by Justin Minor


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