We understand that this is something that is classified as a “minor issue.”  However, we put this article on our website because it has been our experience that those who insist on the fake names of “Yahshua” or “Yahushua” are exhibiting a symptom of slightly deeper underlying issues.  Using these manufactured terms usually means that the person has bought into some sort of “sacred name movement.”  These movements are under the delusion that the names of the Father and Messiah have been conspiratorially hidden by Christianity and kept from the populace until being recently revealed.  That is unfounded nonsense.The fact of the matter is that we do not know for certain the proper pronunciation of the name of the Father.  That is by His design.  However, we do know the name of His Son.  It is Yehoshua, which in Hebrew means “Yahweh is Salvation.”  An abbreviated version of that name is the Hebrew word “Yeshua” which simply means “salvation.”

Sacred Name groups erroneously try to apply English linguistics and logic to the Semitic language of Hebrew.  It does not work.  They claim that “shua” is Hebrew for “salvation” (which it’s not).  Therefore: Yah (abbreviated form of the Father’s name) + shua = Yahshua!  First of all, there is not one place in Scripture that uses the term “shua” to mean “salvation.”  Regardless, in the Tanakh, the Hebrew word for “salvation” is most often “Yeshua.

“Why is this a big deal?  If one is going to go through the effort to try to get His name correct, why not get His name correct?  Sacred Name groups need to stop with the “Yahshua” stuff.   They just look and sound silly.  Here is the article by someone who actually knows the Hebrew language.
Patrick McGuire


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