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Topics, videos and courses for those searching for the truth in Scripture. We even have entire chapters from the bible with teaching notes for those seeking Elohim and His instructions for our lives.

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Unlike the church, Beit Yeshua Torah Assembly has no paid staff (yes, really!). Only a very small portion goes to maintain the shul where we meet each week. Curious how it works? Check it out!

The Solution

It seems that recently, religion is falling more and more out of our good graces. More and more, religion is becoming associated with hate, corruption, and hypocrisy. But is this really a new thing?… The answer might shock you. The bible is full of lessons, commandments, and more. But do you know how it emphasizes…

  • relationship, not religion
  • obedience, not obnoxiousness
  • humility, not humble pie
  • and the need to correct our own shortcomings – not those of others.

Please join us for our our weekly studies on Wednesday at 6:15 pm and our regular sabbath meeting at 7pm on Friday.

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Proverbs Chapter 1

(Prov 1:1 NASB)  The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel: Prov 1:1:      Most of the proverbs found in Solomon's book are concise and pointed.  They draw the attention of the learner, imprinting themselves upon his memory, teaching him an important...

Proverbs: An Introduction

The Hebrew title of this book is mishley shelomoh, translated "The Proverbs of Solomon."  The term "proverb" (mashal, Heb.) is derived from a root meaning primarily "to be like" and is used as comparisons, rules of living, parables, sayings, or discourses on wisdom. ...

Leviticus Chapter 27

The prophecies contained in this chapter of Leviticus in conjunction with Ezekiel chapter 4 are nothing short of miraculous. Elohim tells the Israelites their future over 3300 years before it happens.


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